Getting Back to It

I started this blog two years ago in hopes that it would help to keep my creative juices going and motivate me to finish projects. This mindset has proven to be problematic. I never finished my Temperature Blanket that I started for 2019. I don’t even think that I finished my temperature chart for the end of that year. I have visited my Facebook page often and wonder if it is just a waste.

But then, I try to remember the reasons for all of this effort. I make beautiful creations. Others may not see the beauty or understand everything that goes into one of my projects. But I do. If I make something for someone, it is thoroughly thought out and made with love. That is what is going to keep me going.

I have finished two projects this week and I am working on my third. I will post some updates soon.

Peace and Love, my friends. Happy Crafting!

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