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Earwarmer Headbands

Check out these adorable Earwarmer Headbands!

I got the idea for these from Maria’s Blue Crayon.  It caught my attention on Pinterest and I figured I would give it a shot.  I changed the pattern as necessary to fit my needs and they turned out way cuter than I expected.  Plus, they are just in time for Football season!

The pattern itself was pretty basic – a chain of 70 slip stitched together to form the round.  I did 10 rounds of half-double crochets and TADA – I had my base.  The cinching part of the ear warmers was also pretty simple.  Maria’s Blue Crayon linked to Little Monkey’s Crochet for instructions on cinching.  Then I just had to tie in my ends and they were complete.  I think it took me about an hour for one of these.  But that included breaks to look at Facebook and the distractions of my dogs, husband and the TV.  I think I could get them done quicker if I was totally focused – but when does that actually happen?

I completed the dark grey earwarmer headband first, and I was pleased with it.  But the red one blows me away.  You can really see the stitches and the details.  I am in love with this pattern and it could be done in ANY color which is always a plus.

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