Crochet Projects

Coffee Cozy

While taking a little break from my Santa Sack Hats, I decided to try a pattern that I found from Knit and Crochet Daily.  This pattern was super quick and easy to follow.  I think it took me about 20 minutes to complete the project including tieing in the ends and sewing on the button.

This Coffee Cozy can easily fit around take-out cups and regular sized mugs.  It can easily be altered to fit larger cups and mugs as well.  I plan to make mine a little bigger the next time I make it.  I usually have to use crochet hooks two sizes bigger than specified, but I tried this one with using a hook only one size bigger than specified.  I should have followed my normal plan!

By the way, I love the basketweave style of this and the yarn color!  So pretty!

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