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Bunny Lovey

I have a few friends who are pregnant or recently had babies. I decided that handmade gifts are perfect for babies so I added a few animal loveys to my Pinterest account. I stumbled upon this cute Bunny Lovey and decided that I would give it a try.

I crochet with a very tight tension. So I always use a hook two sizes larger than a pattern. That is what I did with this pattern and I was extremely pleased with the results. This was my first 3D project and my first project that required stuffing. That was an adventure. I did not use the same colors as the pattern because I wanted a soft yarn but not a baby yarn. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Soft Pink, Plum Wine, and White. The black for the eyes was a color that I had laying around.

Here is the finished project:

Overall, I was very pleased with my results. The pattern was written weird as it was not written in continuous rounds when changing colors. I like to change colors and link them together but this pattern specifically stated to end one color and then start the next color in a certain space which did not correlate to where the other color ended. I think if I were to make this again, I would change the pattern to meet my needs.

I also need to work on my stitching for getting the pieces put together. It is a tad flimsy and I wouldn’t trust a baby or toddler with it. I feel like they could tear the arms and head off of this pretty easily which I would never want for a gift. But, it is all a learning process and I now know how to make this pattern mine for the future.

I love how soft this Bunny Lovey is and it truly is adorable!

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